Alex McBean Law Office

Welcome. I’m Alex McBean. I am one of the very few private immigration attorneys with a focus on helping exploited migrant workers. I also handle family immigration matters.

At the Alex McBean Law Office, Immigration Is a Humanitarian Matter

Many people pay a lot of money to come to the United States and work. If this describes your situation, you might have come to the U.S. on a J-1 or an H-2B work visa. Some of these arrangements are fair, but many are not.

Under the current political administration, a heightened threat of deportation makes it critical for survivors of exploitation, crimes, or human trafficking to have options for temporary and long-term immigration protection.

Rather than continue your struggle with temporary visas, you may be eligible for:

  1. T visa status, if you have experienced severe labor or sexual exploitation;
  2. U visa status, if you have been harmed in criminal activity;
  3. Relief under the Violence Against Women Act, if you depend on an abusive marriage for your legal status.

I have helped exploited migrant workers who have worked on farms and businesses in Utah and all over the U.S. Immigration is federal law. This means I can help you wherever you are.

If you are a nonprofit organization helping victims of human trafficking and other crimes I may be able to represent your clients as a contract attorney who already has the needed experience and exercise. I have already worked as a contract attorney for different organizations helping victims of human trafficking and I may be able to help your organization as well.

Hard work, big risks, and serious investments should pay off for you and your family. Achieving stability through the green card means real access to economic safety, freedom of speech, and access to credit that can help you build the life you’ve dreamed of.

I invite you to call for a consultation to discuss your particular situation and legal remedies.